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  • Interest Rate Swaps - Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
    the swap fixed rate plus the short-term credit-quality spread q(t). Now consider the other side to this transaction. Suppose a firm with out- standing fixed-rate debt .

  • What is an interest rate swap? interest rate swaps
    The incremental borrowing premium paid by a BBB company, which it will be convenient to refer to as a "credit quality spread", is greater in relation to fixed .

  • Has the Municipal Bond Market Mispriced the Impacts of the Current ...
    credit risk is highly correlated to its sense of euphoria or fear. Credit Quality Spreads. The first method of measur- ing the market's pricing of credit risk is to look at .

    can be directly related to ratings-based credit risk models which adopt this decom - position. We find that spread risk for high credit quality exposures exhibits .

  • Humpbacks in Credit Spreads? - Moody's Analytics
    grade bonds and credit default swaps, we find evidence that par-spread term structures are likely to be downward sloping as credit quality deteriorates .

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Quality spread
Also called credit spread, the spread between Treasury securities and non- Treasury securities that are identical in all respects except for quality rating.

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Credit Card Rates Dip for Rewards and Student Credit Cards
Mar 15, 2012 . A narrowing of this credit-quality spread would suggest growing optimism about the economy on the part of credit card companies. The trick .

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Yield Spread, Interest Rate Spread, Credit Spread, Liquidity Spread ...
Credit spreads reflect the particular nature of an obligation. For example, senior debt generally has higher credit quality than subordinated debt of the same .

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